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About DOGdex ID

Our company was looking to diversify and get into other markets where we could apply our IT and software technology to make a business more efficient and competitive. We also wanted a real world brick and mortar type business to help balance all of our virtual businesses.

In early 2014 the idea of picking up dog poop as a business was being tossed around the office. Most people thought it was a joke, so we figured it was probably a good idea since nobody really seems to want to do it themselves.

In the process of developing a business plan to pick up dog poop we learned about a company offering to match dog poop DNA with the dogs that pooped it, and that seemed like an even more ridiculous idea.

As more and more research was done we realized the biggest issue facing dog owners was not the dog poop piling up in the back yard but the threat of dogs being lost or stolen.

With nearly 4 million dogs being sheltered each year and an astonishing 1.2 million being put to death each year because the shelters cannot find the owners was just appalling.

Sure there are collars and microchips but even with current IDs only 6% to 30% of the lost dogs are actually getting back to their owners. Microchips only do the job about half the time and less than a few percent of dogs actually have them. So we saw a real need for a good ID system that would work100% of the time.

We figured, why not repurpose that dog poop DNA technology for the benefit of dog kind. Sure, we still wanted to solve the worlds dog poop problems, but we needed to save the dogs first.

DNA is a very powerful tool, one that cannot be faked, forged or counterfeited. So being used as a dog identification tool just made sense.

So we set out to start testing DNA.

We all figured, lets get a DNA analyzer like that other company has and do it ourselves.

It can't be that hard, can it?

After all, they do it every week on those TV crime shows and it only takes 20 seconds.

Of course we just about hit the floor when we started pricing DNA analyzers at well over $400,000.00 and then found out that it was used only for one of the steps in an even more complex process.

How can they do it on TV so fast ? Well, TV is just a fantasy.

You know how they always say, "don't believe what you see on TV"?.

Take it from us, don't believe what you see on TV.

Apparently, people go to college and get PHDs to learn how to do this and here we are with our humble idea to just pick up dog poop in peoples yards. Was there any hope of really doing this at all?

We were overwhelmed when we started learning about forward and reverse oligos nucleotide primers, capillary electrophoresis, DNA locuses and alleles, polymerase chain reaction and a whole bunch of other stuff no average person will ever pronounce.

Through persistence, hard work and a pile of cash from or savings we did actually develop an affordable method for processing DNA and identifying dogs.

We then created the DOGdex ID database as a full repository of DNA profiles so that any dog lost or stolen could be matched with all existing profiles.

This was one of the most ambitious projects we have ever attempted and a long way from the original idea of picking up dog poop. Learning DNA technology and then creating a searchable database capable of handling over 80 million profiles is a big deal.

Sometimes in business you go where the road leads and ours led from a smelly pile of dog poop to a fully functional DNA processing lab.

And here we are! A few numskulls with a big idea to save every dog in the world from being euthanized. It seems like a noble goal and one that pet owners seem to be responding to.

Slowly we will work with each individual municipality that wishes to solve the dog euthanization and identity problem bringing more and more dog owners online every day.

When a municipality adopts DOGdex into their standard dog licenses we can provide the best possible method to identify lost dogs. The only method that will work when collars and microchips fail. When the dog has no other means of identification, they will send us a saliva sample and we tell them where to take the dog back to their family.

This prevents the accidental euthanization of any lost pet or the adoption of someones missing pet by a new family.

We have become more and more excited about the program as we work with dog owners who share horror stories of their lost pets. Many begging us to get this project in gear, "we need something like this", they plead.

We also realized that in many cases, when dogs are found, the owners have no way of proving that the dog is actually theirs. Imagine your pet incarcerated in a shelter and you cannot get it back because you have no definitive proof that it is yours.

For this to work 100% of the time, we need everyone in a municipality to participate so that all the dogs are on file. If a dog is not on file, then we cannot identify the dog and it will still face possible execution if it is not adopted.

If you want to help, contact your municipality and tell them you want this program in your town. Go out into your social networks and tell your friends and family about this program.

We do not take donations, however you can order one of our IDs so that we can show the cities, counties and states that people want this program, that people need this program and will support it.

Your dog will get a permanent DOGdex ID that can be matched if ever lost or stolen.

The ID will also provide proof that you own the dog if there is ever a dispute. Nobody can dispute DNA, it is an absolute. There is no better way to document dog ownership than a DOGdex ID.

You will be able to print an actual ID card online or request that one be mailed to you which serves as proof if you ever need to establish ownership of your pet.

Don't be unprepared, have a full DNA profile of your dog just in case you need it.

All the profits from the early purchases will be used to support implementing the program at the municipal levels and help us take the program to a national level.

We have found a market that people are passionate about, so much so that a full contingent of scammers have hit the market. Offering pet finding services, ID systems, and even pet cloning. Distraught pet owners are often taken for tens of thousands of dollars in hopes of finding their pet.

Our technology and program can solve this problem as well for under $35.

If anyone is willing to pay $10,000 to a pet detective then they will certainly see the value in what we have created.

Together we can end the senseless euthanization of millions of dogs and make sure your pet never falls victim to that fate.

Please support us and let your local municipality know that you would like DOGdex ID as part of your regular dog licenses so you will never have to worry about your pet getting back home again.