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DOGdex ID - The Municipal Dog Identification Program

Objective: To give municipalities a 100% lost dog return rate and 0% dog euthanization rate while generating a positive revenue stream to support animal shelters and care costs. To provide additional support for law enforcement making it impossible to register stolen dogs and provide identities of canine DNA at crime scenes. To provide the tools, databases and software to better manage the dog population, licensing and owners information within a municipality.

Method: By implementing a dog identification process using DNA to identify all dogs when lost. Owners will be required to obtain a certified DOGdex ID by providing a DNA sample of their dog. That DNA is processed and put into a master database and then compared with the DNA of any unidentified lost dogs.

Our Resources: Mr Dog Poop operates a state of the art DNA lab as well as a private Internet based datacenter with the technology and hardware to provide a full service product from start to finish.

Cost: The target cost to any municipality is $0. We will actually create a positive revenue stream that will give the city more cash to operate while decreasing operating costs by placing all pets back with their owners quickly. Additional licensing opportunities can create even more revenue long before the municipality requires dog owners to purchase the IDs. The program is fully funded by the dog owners who will pay $34.95 one time during each dogs life. Part of that initial fee will go to the municipality to offset their increased costs.

The Process: We work hand in hand with each municipality to develop and build the IT infrastructure needed to implement the program. We provide all necessary hardware and network services, the DNA processing and technology with no development costs or fees charged to the municipality.

Our dog DNA company is unique in that it was born from an IT and software development business allowing us to provide upscale IT solutions as part of the project, making the implementation cost for each municipality as close to $0 as possible.

Most companies processing dog DNA are micro biology labs first then trying to enter the Dog ID market with no technology or ability to provide working solutions in the field. The IT and implementation costs are far greater than the development costs of the DNA process itself. So municipalities would have to develop their own systems and implement the programs at their own expense, which never happens.

That makes this project very different than those offered by other companies because we are counting on the long term business relationships rather than extracting set up costs and fees from the municipalities. Yes, we eliminate the up front costs at our expense, but we still make enough money over time to fund the project.

Ultimately, the true goal here is to solve the problem of the over 1 million dogs being euthanized each year just because they cannot be returned home. As well as well as being able to return millions more that are being adopted by new families because the current owners cannot be found.

We can absolutely solve these problems, if municipalities are willing to get on board.

So we are making it as simple and easy as possible for even the smallest municipalities with no extra funding to start using this program and start saving dogs lives.

Dog owners have forever been asking for an ID system that works, unfortunately, with existing collars and microchips still less than 20% of the dogs ever get back home. Leaving the municipalities burdened with managing thousands of lost pets and in most cases having to kill the animals and dispose of them even while the owners are searching high and low to get them back.

Together we can solve this crisis and generate revenue for the municipalities which can be used to support the shelters, improve conditions and help with animal assistance and feeding programs.

There are no losers in this program except for the companies providing the euthanization and disposal services and while our intent was never to put anyone out of business, if anything should be closed, those seem like the logical choices.

Everyone is trying to solve this problem with endless lost dog websites popping up daily online. To date, nothing has worked and that is very sad when the technology does exist to completely solve the problem.

Even worse, countless companies are making millions of dollars from pet owners providing services but nobody has actually solved the problem. Even dogs with microchips are still being euthanized because there are too many registries, the information was never updated or the chip failed or was not detected. But DNA is alway present and always works.

We believe our company has what it takes to make this dream a reality. We have developed the science and streamlined the costs to make it affordable to everyone involved. We have developed the technology and implementation logistics while creating several new revenue streams for municipalities. We have solved many problems at one time and offer this program to every municipality in the USA with no up front cost.

If your municipality is ready to stop killing dogs, please contact our staff to discuss what you might need from us to get this program started. It wont cost you a penny and you will be a hero in your community.

If you are a pet owner and would like to help support this program you can do several things to help.

  • Contact your local municipality and tell them you would like to see this program used.

  • Get online and tell everyone about the program and how it will save dogs lives. Making people aware of the program is the most important step. We cannot do this if nobody knows about it.

  • Purchase an early ID for your own dogs. You will get DNA protection for you pet and help fund the project as we work to make DOGdex ID part of every dogs safety net.

If the dog owners want this program, they will voice their strong opinions online and they will be heard loud and clear. Together we can get the message out that we do not want our pets euthanized, we want them back! ALIVE!

While we cannot guarantee that your city will adopt this program, all the profits from the early ID program will be used to bring this program to the municipal level across the country. Your dog will be permanently added and be checked against all existing records if ever lost.

The DNA ID is also absolute proof that a dog belongs to you and can be presented if there is ever a dispute as to identity or ownership. Many companies already provide this service, but they have no plans or ability to use the technology to return lost dogs. So if you plan on buying a DNA ID for your dog, please purchase one here at DOGdex ID so the profits will benefit all dogs and one day soon solve this horrible crisis.